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QIP Bootcamp


At SPROUTS you are part of a team and together we will ensure you reach your ultimate goal fast! 

Make planning fun and sign up to our popular, premium bootcamp! 

Developing a Q.I.P is hard, overwhelming and difficult to get motivated over. Bootcamp though makes it easy, and enjoyable for Early Childhood service Leaders and Owners

  • Get back control 
  • Stop working at home
  • Start getting team support
  • Confidently develop your QIP
  • Bring back you Confidence
  • Enjoy Developing and creating your working document with ease

Dates and Times! 

Commencing Week of 12 October 2020

Mondays 7.30pm 

Tuesdays 7.30pm

1 hour class for 10 weeks via Zoom, plus small tasks to be done in between

Q.I.P Bootcamp provides;  

Why Q.I.P Boot Camp program? 


  • Innovative and thought-provoking content,
  • Mentor and Motivator every step of the way 
  • A simple way to view the QIP- breaking it down
  • No longer feeling overwhelmed
  • Effective time management strategies 
  • Realistic understanding
  • Results to transform You, Your Team and your Centre.  
  • A Great, usable QIP
  • The program is an intensive and immersive experience catapulting your Understanding of NQS  
  • An essential and a sector first that has been exclusively developed for the early childhood education and care sector. 
  • It enables sector leaders and managers to develop their services Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in a collaborative, supportive and stress free environment 
  • sector leaders and managers gain an in-depth and practical understanding of QIP writing and Learn a wide array of techniques 
  • sector leaders and managers Obtain a clearer Understanding of the 3 Themes 
  • It has been mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (NESA) 
  • Upon completion receive a SPROUTS completion certificate. 

You will have access to: 

  • A fun and motivating SPROUTS Mentor for 10 weeks,
  • Online coach support 
    • Early Childhood Degree Trained. Training and Assessor Trained
  • Weekly live and interactive online class
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • SPROUTS Q.I.P resources 
  • an online forum where you will be able to Network and collaborate with fellow Boot Camp participant

Pay only $49 today, and remainder later. 

  • FREE Mentoring session with Cassandra
  • Discount on Group and individual Programs with Cassandra
  • Access to Tangible Resources 
  • Flexible Approach in Helping You 
  • NQF, EYLF, Regulation & Law Support 
  • SPROUTS NESA completion certificate 

Duration: 1 hr

Fees: AUD 49.00

Location: Zoom
(Zoom meeting link will be provided in the confirmation email)

Instructions to Join: You will soon receive a welcome pack with all relevant information, plus the link and password for our Zoom sessions each week

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